5 Reasons You Need to Be Flossing

We have heard time and time again how crucial it is to floss our teeth. Unfortunately, many of us slack off on performing this easy step on a recurring basis. Flossing our teeth is extremely key to maintaining healthy mouths. Although some swelling, soreness, or bleeding of the gums can occur, particularly after flossing, it is due to the immune system doing its job. As you get into a flossing routine, bleeding will cease and you will reap the oral advantages that flossing regularly rewards. 
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Below are five reasons why flossing is so important…

The first reason is that flossing plays a large part in removing plaque, a harmful bacteria, from your teeth. Each tooth consists of five surfaces. If you do not floss your teeth, two of the five veneers are completely neglected. When plaque is allowed to accumulate, swollen gums, cavities, and/or gum disease can manifest and create problems that could have otherwise been prevented.

Secondly, the act of flossing is beneficial to your overall health. Interestingly, adequate dental health can lower your risk of stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory disease, and heart disease. These conditions all have a correlation to periodontitis. Proper flossing decreases and dislodges plaque that is situated between the teeth and fosters better oral health.

Another benefit of flossing is that you can avoid developing gingivitis which is the beginning stage of gum disease that is indicated by swollen gums that tend to bleed. Gums that are in optimal condition do not bleed during brushing or flossing. 

A fourth advantage is that the simple task of flossing is low in cost but yields results worth a million bucks. Not only will your gums and teeth look and feel healthier, but your dentist will be able to notice immediately that you have been flossing without fail during your next checkup.

And last but certainly not least, you can show off your terrific smile as it will undoubtedly be brighter than ever and your breath will be fresher, too. When you take just a little bit of time to add flossing to your oral regimen, the payoff is incredible. 

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