Are Permanent Retainers Right for You?

Many people resort to dental braces in order to correct teeth that are out of alignment and need straightening, the closing of gaps, and/or the rectification of crowding. Unfortunately for many patients, teeth tend to gravitate towards their prior positions after the braces are removed. This is why it is common practice for orthodontists to fit their clients with retainers to prevent the issue of unwanted shifting. After all, what is the benefit of spending both the time and cost of wearing braces if your teeth will just go back to their previous conditions? There is a wonderful option that resolves such a setback from occurring and Dr. Skopp is thrilled to explain this contemporary approach called permanent retainers!
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Permanent retainers just may be the perfect answer for you. These retainers reside indefinitely in the mouth in order to successfully anchor your teeth where they belong. You will have the ease and luxury of leaving them in place without any kind of bother. Technically referred to as lingual wires, they are affixed to the rear facets of the teeth by use of a bonding substance that soundly secures the retainers (otherwise known as bonded retainers) in place. 

There are alluring advantages of choosing to obtain permanent retainers. The welcomed gift of convenience is one of the huge pulls towards a favorable direction, as it abolishes the hassle of having to insert and remove your devices at required times. Another major perk of permanent retainers is that they are seemingly nonexistent since the wires are fastened to the interior, with less visible veneers of the teeth. You don’t have to stress about having an embarrassing impediment when you speak or worry about your retainers becoming dislodged.

Taking superb care of your teeth will not be compromised one bit as a result of wearing permanent retainers. Your dentist will explain how to go about properly brushing and flossing your teeth after your retainers are in place. Once you get used to your updated oral routine, caring for your pearly whites will be a total breeze! 

Dr. Skopp is highly knowledgeable when it comes to the utilization of permanent retainers. He will gladly speak with you about this procedure, answer your questions, and address any concerns that you may have. Together, you can decide if permanent retainers are an ideal solution for you. Dr. Skopp’s prestigious dental office is located at 2040 Forest Avenue in Staten Island, NY and his accommodating staff may be reached by calling (718) 982-5230 to arrange a consultation.

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