Can You Get Cavities on Your Front Teeth?

Is it really possible to get cavities on our front teeth? As a matter of fact, yes, it is. Dr. Skopp discusses the reasons tooth decay can form on the forepart of teeth and how to avoid cavities from occurring. 
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Many people believe that it is not possible to develop cavities on their front teeth. Since tooth decay is able to happen at any location within the mouth, and no surface is automatically exempt from cavities, front teeth are definitely vulnerable. Tooth decay can advance from the hard outer veneer of the tooth which is called enamel, proceed into the middle of the tooth known as the dentin, and reach the nerve of the tooth or pulp. While brushing teeth, the front ones normally get a thorough cleaning, especially because particles of debris are easily visible. However, in spite of brushing, cavities can show up on front teeth due to a number of reasons. 

Cavities creep up on the front teeth from a combination of oral hygiene, genetic and/or environmental influences, and someone’s particular diet. These are the exact same causes that lead to cavities developing in all the other areas of the mouth, too. Diets that are high in carbs and sugar create more acid from bacteria, producing compromised tooth structure which allows cavities to fester. People who fail to brush their teeth twice per day and do not floss daily have a higher chance of developing cavities than those patients who brush and floss as recommended. A dry mouth is a second culprit that is responsible for encouraging tooth decay. Cavities situated along the gum line, or surrounding orthodontic brackets and other apparatus, are prime locations where front teeth are notably susceptible to tooth decay.

There are preventative measures that patients can implement on a daily basis to fight against the formation of cavities on their front teeth. Routine brushing with fluoride toothpaste as well as flossing every day is excellent in helping to block cavities from occurring anywhere in the mouth. Drinking water after consuming sugary foods and beverages can assist in ridding some of the acids from the mouth and help to counteract the decomposition of enamel. Gargling with a fluoride mouthwash is also advised to hinder tooth decay. Remember, sticking to regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist is essential for proper oral health checkups and the prevention of cavities.

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