What are Good Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth?

Maintaining a healthy smile goes beyond just brushing your teeth twice a day. Taking proper care of your teeth is essential for oral health and overall well-being. In this blog, we will explore some effective ways to take care of your teeth and ensure a bright and healthy smile. Brush and Floss Regularly The foundation … Read more

Kids & Brushing Their Teeth

It is important to get young kids into the habit of brushing their teeth two or three times per day. By making it a positive activity, they will benefit greatly in terms of oral health and you will be spared the aggravation of trying to force them to brush. Consistency is vital and you should introduce your baby to the act of brushing as soon as the first tooth appears, usually at around six months of age. If you happen to have him or her start at a later age, fret not, and just jump into the routine. Dr. Skopp provides helpful tips on how to ingrain proper teeth brushing in your children.

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Get Your Teeth Cleaned for the New Year

Dental cleanings do so much more than simply add a glimmer to your teeth. A thorough cleaning is a definite confidence booster, makes your mouth look and feel renewed, and is a wonderful motivator to stay on top of oral health throughout the new year. While pampering your teeth with a dental cleaning, you are also receiving a preventative service and screening at the same time. Dr. Skopp suggests resolving to get your teeth cleaned this month and begin 2023 on a healthy path.

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Oral Health & Matcha Tea

It seems that there are endless varieties of tea on the market, and green tea is no doubt a favorable choice. Not only is it a trendy beverage these days, but green tea is a fantastic drink that is highly advantageous to oral health. Dr. Skopp explains pertinent information below about matcha green tea.

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5 Reasons You Need to Be Flossing

We have heard time and time again how crucial it is to floss our teeth. Unfortunately, many of us slack off on performing this easy step on a recurring basis. Flossing our teeth is extremely key to maintaining healthy mouths. Although some swelling, soreness, or bleeding of the gums can occur, particularly after flossing, it is due to the immune system doing its job. As you get into a flossing routine, bleeding will cease and you will reap the oral advantages that flossing regularly rewards. 

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Good Dental Hygiene & Cavities Explained

It’s no surprise that we all want to have the best sets of teeth possible. By practicing good dental hygiene at home, we can take active, productive roles in helping to keep our teeth strong and hinder the development of cavities. Dr. Skopp explains exactly why taking good care of your teeth and maintaining oral health on a daily basis is so very important.

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Retainer Cleaner: DIY

Maintaining your oral health is important to your overall health. If you have received a retainer to improve your smile, you likely already know how valuable it is to keep your retainer clean. If you don’t clean your retainer on a routine basis, your retainer can accumulate tartar, bacteria, and germs. Sometimes the best way to clean your retainer is with a safe and healthy DIY cleanser.

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