Does Your Child Need a Pediatric Dentist?   

When the topic of dental health for children arises, it can often be challenging to understand. Often, one question stands at the forefront of most parents’ minds, leading it to be a frequent topic of discussion: “Does your child need a pediatric dentist?”  While the answer is simple, some aspects can be challenging to comprehend … Read more

Restorative Dentistry in Staten Island

Your smile is one of the first things people see and depending upon how good it looks, it’s important when making an important first impression. If your smile isn’t what it should be, then you might want to consider restorative dentistry. While you might be nervous about visiting the dentist, the offices of Dr. Marshall S Skopp in Staten Island can restore your smile to its original form. Whether it’s appearance or function that you need to restore, there are a few procedures that can do both. 

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