Cleaning Prevention in Staten Island

Dr. Marshall S. Skopp’s cleaning services are the most rudimentary but important tasks that we provide our clients. Good dental hygiene, consisting of both personal oral care and professional dental services, is the cornerstone of a healthy mouth, which impacts the wellness of your entire body.

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What Cleaning Services Does Dr. Skopp Offer?

There are several cleaning techniques you can expect when you visit us. Here is a brief preview:

  • Physical examination – we check for any sort of damage to your teeth such as cracks, gum problems like gingivitis, or cavities.
  • Plaque removal – while you should always get rid of the bulk of the plaque with good brushing and flossing, the dentist can perform an even more thorough version of this with a tool known as a “scale” which helps get into the harder-to-reach areas in and around the gums.
  • Specialized flossing and toothpaste application – like the last point, the dentist can do a more targeted and in-depth version of what you do at home for enhanced cleaning.
  • Rinse away remaining debris and apply any necessary fluoride treatments.

We also have more advanced measures that include:

  • Deep Cleaning: If you suffer from excessive tartar accumulation, a deep cleaning can help a lot. With this more intensive technique, Dr. Skopp can address sensitive/bleeding gums and remove plaque from the deep gum pockets, which you might not be able to reach with regular brushing/flossing.
  • Periodontal Care: This is usually the next step after deep cleaning for those struggling with gum problems. Here, the dentist has even more gum maintenance procedures for further addressing afflictions like receding gum lines.
  • Full Mouth Debridement: Full Mouth Debridement is an option whenever persistent dental problems carry or any teeth/gum problems fail to subside. This approach is even more intrusive, requires anesthesia and other preparations, and may accompany difficult procedures like root canals.

Why Get Cleaning & Prevention Services From Dr. Skopp?

How often should you receive this service? The consensus in the dental profession is that a healthy person should get teeth cleanings at least once a year. Of course, if you suffer from more serious dental afflictions (like those mentioned below), you may need to see your dentist more often.

Having your dentist regularly clean your teeth will help prevent the following problems:

  • Lower the risk of tooth decay and tooth loss
  • Mitigate bad breath
  • Whiten your teeth and brighten your smile
  • Diagnose and begin to treat serious dental conditions like gum disease, oral cancer, etc.

If you would like to schedule any type of teeth cleaning or emergency dentistry services with Dr. Marshall S. Skopp, DMD, you are always welcome. You can reach us online to schedule an appointment or call us over the phone at 718-982-5230.

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