Going to the Dentist with No Insurance

Even the mere thought of going to the dentist causes anxiety for many people. This fear is 10 times worse for individuals who don’t have any dental insurance to pay for services. Dr. Skopp provides several options for uninsured patients that can make going to the dentist a reality.
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Consider Going to a Dental School

No need to be wary as licensed professors supervise every step of dental work that is completed at the school, and interject if need be. Dental programs commonly utilize the most advanced technology and clinical trials that you might not be able to otherwise afford without having a dental insurance plan. Dental schools typically handle emergencies as well as perform routine services. The cost to be seen at a school is considerably less than if you went to a traditional office. Sometimes schools even pay people to be their students’ patients during state board exams. 

Look Into Sliding-Scale Dental Clinics

There are a number of avenues to research such as charities, faith-based organizations, United Way, and health centers that can direct you to completely free or reduced-rate dental clinics if you don’t possess dental insurance. Most neighborhoods, especially urban areas, have rooted establishments that are within a reasonable distance to travel for convenience purposes. These clinics can speak with you and determine what you can afford to pay based on your income. They usually have a pool of competent dentists that are willing to donate their time and skills. Since the costs are income-based, you are very unlikely to come across any sky-high charges. 

Set Up a Dental Fund

Factor in a certain amount of money to your monthly budget to be set aside as your dental fund. No matter how much…or how little…you can commit to the cause, every bit counts and adds up over time. By doing so, you will have a good percentage or even the full amount to cover visits to the dentist for routine checkups. Scheduling recommended preventative exams will help ensure that any minor concerns can be rectified before turning into expensive corrective procedures. A little planning and a lot of willpower in terms of building up your savings can go a long way!

Dr. Skopp’s dental practice is second to none in the community. He expertly handles many procedures by implementing state-of-the-art techniques derived from the advancement of dentistry. Whether you wish to have a preventative examination, are concerned about a possible problem, or would like information regarding a cosmetic procedure, you’ve come to the right place! We are situated at 2040 Forest Avenue in Staten Island, NY, and can be contacted by calling (718) 982-5230 to schedule an appointment.

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