Kids & Brushing Their Teeth

It is important to get young kids into the habit of brushing their teeth two or three times per day. By making it a positive activity, they will benefit greatly in terms of oral health and you will be spared the aggravation of trying to force them to brush. Consistency is vital and you should introduce your baby to the act of brushing as soon as the first tooth appears, usually at around six months of age. If you happen to have him or her start at a later age, fret not, and just jump into the routine. Dr. Skopp provides helpful tips on how to ingrain proper teeth brushing in your children.
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Slow Down

The recommendation is for people to brush their teeth for two minutes during any given session. Young kids should ideally brush for at least four minutes so that they can probably get in a good two minutes of effective brushing.

No Toothpaste, No Problem

Don’t let the absence of toothpaste prevent brushing. Dry brushing is usually as productive as brushing teeth with toothpaste. This makes it possible to brush almost any place you happen to be. It also gives the kids something to do when they are bored by waiting somewhere. If your child likes to use toothpaste and you have it handy, go with fluoride-free or place a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste on the brush. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Have your kids stand in front of a mirror while brushing their teeth to see for themselves what they’re doing. You can even brush your teeth at the same time so that the kiddies can mimic you.

Let the Music Play

Play one of your child’s favorite songs while he or she brushes or make up a funny song about toothbrushes and brushing. 

The Sands of Time

Try using an hourglass instead of a traditional timer while brushing. Watching the sand trickle down an hourglass is a cool way for a child to know how much time is left to brush.

Don’t Instill Fear

It is crucial not to ever threaten your child with having to go to the dentist as a punishment for giving you trouble with brushing. Otherwise, you will be setting the stage to be afraid of dentists and it can last a lifetime. This fear often causes patients to avoid regularly scheduled visits to the dentist which increases the chance of minor issues turning into major problems.

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