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Dental work can be daunting for many, but taking care of your teeth will not only improve your smile, but it will also improve your overall health as well! If you’ve lost any teeth and need dental implants, do not delay the process. Here at the offices of Dr. Marshall S Skopp, we want you to feel safe and confident on your tooth replacement journey. Read on to learn why it is so important to start now, and not later.
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One of the biggest reasons people opt for dental implants is to feel more confident in their smiles. Missing one or multiple teeth can have a major negative impact on your self-esteem. A dental implant means you have a permanent new tooth in your mouth to keep your smile bright and shiny.

Did you know that options like dentures affect the way your face looks? If you suffered any bone loss due to tooth loss, your face can sag. This gives the appearance that you are far older than you currently are.

This directly ties in with keeping your jawbone healthy. As you lose teeth, your jawbone is no longer stimulated to maintain bone mass. This causes deterioration and shrinkage. The longer you wait to replace missing teeth, the more damage to your jaw will occur. Eventually, so much damage will occur that tooth implants will no longer be viable, so start the process today!

While dentures may seem like the easier option for tooth replacement, they actually cause far more complications. It is difficult to eat many types of foods with dentures and food can get stuck between them and your gums causing irritation and mouth sores.

Tooth implants fit in your mouth the same way your original teeth did, but dentures can be bulky and slide around. This can change the way you speak and pronounce words, making you uncomfortable talking to others.

Implants are also very important to protect your healthy teeth. Space from missing teeth allows for movement and twisting. This loosens your teeth and can lead to even more decay and gum disease.

Finally, dental implants will last for years to come. A titanium post similar to a screw is placed in your jawbone and resembles the root of a natural tooth. A second piece, called the abutment, holds your crown onto the post. The crown is the piece that looks exactly like a natural tooth.

If you need to replace missing teeth or just need a cleaning, we are here for you! Give us a call at (718) 982-5230 to schedule an appointment today! Our new clients receive a $25 discount for any service on their first visit. We are conveniently located at 2040 Forest Avenue in Staten Island.

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