Oral Health & Matcha Tea

It seems that there are endless varieties of tea on the market, and green tea is no doubt a favorable choice. Not only is it a trendy beverage these days, but green tea is a fantastic drink that is highly advantageous to oral health. Dr. Skopp explains pertinent information below about matcha green tea.
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Research has indicated that there is a significant link between nutrition and oral health. Therefore, a diet that regularly consists of nutritious foods and beverages is vital for your overall health, including your mouth. Numerous studies have suggested that matcha tea is invaluable for periodontal health. Green tea fights the bacteria responsible for creating cavities, assists in sustaining gums, decreases inflammation and has the ability to remineralize weak enamel. The ideal form of green tea is matcha, which is a vigorous powder. Organic matcha powder that doesn’t contain any sweeteners or additives is the most beneficial type of green tea to support oral health.

The reduction of inflammation in the gums is a particularly notable advantage that green tea affords. Unfortunately, the occurrence of gum disease or gingivitis is prevalent among people and is connected to additional illnesses found in the body. By obstructing the progression of gingivitis, green tea can combat periodontal disease. 

Consuming green tea can play a considerable role in helping to nurture healthy teeth. The likelihood of developing cavities is diminished since the tea prevents the multiplication of harmful bacteria. Drinking non-acidic matcha green tea guards teeth from erosion and wearing away by removing acids that cause decay. Contemporary research shows that drinking green tea can actually reverse tooth decay and has the capability of remineralizing enamel and dentin. It has also been documented that herbal mouthwashes with green tea as an ingredient help counteract bad breath or halitosis and stop the formation of plaque on the teeth.

It is believed that the anti-inflammatory elements contained in green tea might decrease the risk of developing oral cancer. Other key gains that matcha green tea provides include improvement of mental functions and digestion, maintenance of cardiovascular health, relief from the effects of arthritis, and the ability to lower stress levels.

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