Pediatric Dentistry in Staten Island

Teaching your children about the importance of proper dental hygiene is one of the most important lessons they’ll receive. Being a parent isn’t easy, and instilling responsibility and good habits in the next generation isn’t as easy as it should be. At the dental offices of Dr. Marshall S. Skopp, DMD,  we understand that. The concerns you have about your children having healthy teeth and gums are important to us.

A young boy at the pediatric dentist

Preventative Measures and Starting Early

If you’re wondering if it’s too early to bring in your child for a check-up, think again. Just because they haven’t arrived yet, doesn’t mean your child’s teeth and gums should be ignored. A healthy gum line will ensure that teeth grow in properly. Early dental visits will allow your child to be educated in the importance of dental hygiene and the development of excellent dental habits. Think of early dental appointments as the best preventative measure you can take.

Just because your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out doesn’t mean that that should be ignored. The development of healthy teeth and gums will prevent premature loss of baby teeth. Gum disease is easily preventable, and medical studies have shown that children who develop the disease at an early age have an excellent risk of asthma and diabetes.

Dental Procedures for the Next Generation

Aside from scheduling dental appointments as a preventive measure, there are a variety of procedures that are painless and can help establish healthy teeth and gums at an early age.

  • Dental Sealants The surface of your children’s molars are highly sensitive and are some of the easiest places for cavities to grow. Dental sealants protect these surfaces by sealing the various cracks and spaces on your child’s teeth.
  • Fluoride Treatment While fluoride has been added to many drinking supplies due to its effectiveness in treating tooth decay, the amount present might not be enough to be properly effective. Fluoride treatments have been used for decades and are an essential part of any dental hygiene regimen.

Scheduling an Appointment for a Better Quality of Life

While your child might be apprehensive about sitting in the dentist's chair for the first time, they’ll be afforded a quality of life and healthy childhood.

At the offices of Dr. Marshall S. Skopp, DMD, we’ll make sure that this quality is maintained and that your family’s oral hygiene is top-notch. Visit our website for services, appointments, and more. We are located at 2040 Forest Ave in Staten Island, New York. You can also call us at (718) 982-5230.

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