Periodontal Treatment in Staten Island

Periodontal Treatment is a method or approach to addressing periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. Periodontal disease is a condition where the patient suffers from bleeding or receding gums. Dr. Marshall Skopp DMD is dedicated to applying the best periodontal treatment to patients in the Staten Island area.

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Before pursuing any treatment measure, it helps to detect the most common symptoms and then receive a diagnosis from a trustworthy professional. Here are common indicators of gum disease:

  • Tender/Red/Bleeding gums that worsen from brushing or flossing
  • Relentless bad breath
  • Gums begin to form pockets away from teeth
  • Loose teeth

Of course, these are avoidable with the conservative measures of brushing twice per day and maintaining regular checkups, but severe cases may require more serious intervention. These are some of the ways we can address periodontal disease, including the common problem of gingivitis:

Non-Surgical Treatment

These are often the first steps to correcting gum disease that goes beyond basic oral care. They include scaling and root planing (SRP), which involves scraping and removing tartar from teeth and roots, sometimes more extensively than what you would get at a routine teeth cleaning. In addition to this, your dentist may need to smooth out some of the areas around the root of the tooth to block off bacterial entry into the gums. This usually requires an anesthetic to address pain and can require follow-up visits.

Pocket Reduction Procedure

This is also called “flap surgery,” where the dentist folds back the gum tissue to remove bacteria and smooth out some of the bone damage.

Gum Grafts

By using another gum source elsewhere in your mouth, your dentist can augment damaged areas with gum grafts. This is done with the aim of covering exposed roots, reducing sensitivity, and preventing more gum/bone loss.

Laser Therapy

Laser technology can target the disease much more precisely, doing so much less invasively, less painfully, and with a shorter recovery time. This is still a newer approach to treating gum disease, so there is still some question as to its effectiveness compared with other measures.

Clearing A Periodontal Abscess

Your dentist can also clear out abscesses or lesions that build along your gumlines. Draining an oral abscess is like draining them anywhere else on your skin, which means the possibility for bacterial contamination is high and must be handled with caution.

Addressing Pericoronitis

If you experience this kind of infection from food stuck in your molars, it may require antibiotics or at least rinsing your mouth with saltwater.


We can also address bone issues with bone grafting. This may be done using synthetic or natural bone materials along with tissue-stimulating proteins to help heal and reconstruct damaged bones.

As you can see, we have several options for treating periodontal problems related to teeth, gums, and bones in your mouth. We know how painful this can be, so we take the best care to prepare you for this in the best way possible.

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