Restorative Dentistry in Staten Island

Your smile is one of the first things people see and depending upon how good it looks, it’s important when making an important first impression. If your smile isn’t what it should be, then you might want to consider restorative dentistry. While you might be nervous about visiting the dentist, the offices of Dr. Marshall S Skopp in Staten Island can restore your smile to its original form. Whether it’s appearance or function that you need to restore, there are a few procedures that can do both. 
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Of all the restorative dental procedures, fillings are the most common. Bacteria can cause a hole in the tooth enamel, which is commonly known as a cavity. During a filling, the decayed material is drilled away and replaced with a composite material that returns the tooth to its original composition. 

Root Canal

Beneath the enamel of the tooth is a highly sensitive area that’s called the pulp. If the pulp becomes infected in some way, then the dentist might need to do a root canal. This is where the dentist drills into the tooth and removes the pulp and replaces it with a composite material. 

Crowns & Caps 

If a tooth is damaged or has suffered a significant amount of decay, then a dentist might advise on giving you a crown. (Sometimes called a cap.) This is where the damaged tooth is shaved down and a “cap” is placed on top. The material is bonded to the tooth and will function and look completely normal. 

Dental Implant 

If a tooth is severely damaged and needs to be extracted, a dental implant is considered the best option for restorative dentistry. An implant is placed directly into the jaw bone via a newly constructed root and functions exactly like a normal tooth. 


Much like how a bridge connects two landmasses together over a body of water, a dental bridge connects two crowns together via an artificial tooth (or teeth). Unlike an implant, a bridge rests on top of the gum line and doesn’t require a root. 

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