Sealants in Staten Island

Dental sealants are used to address the more severe cases of decay in “fissures,” which are crevices or grooves on top of the molars and premolars. When the areas above the pits become saturated with decay, they can be very painful and sometimes need treatment. Sometimes if left unattended, these can even complicate into dental cavities. However, sealants can reduce the likelihood of dental cavities by as much as 75% for at least two to three years.

Sealant placed on a tooth

A sealant is produced from a tooth-colored plastic resin material. Occasionally, a glass ionomer compound can be substituted, but the resin substance is generally preferred.

Sealants are very common for children and young adults who are dealing with emerging teeth. In fact, it’s very normal for young ones to need this procedure if their baby teeth had suffered decay.

How Does The Procedure Work?

There are four steps to making sealants:

  1. Clean the tooth to remove all particles and bacteria. Dry it thoroughly.
  2. Use a solution to prepare the tooth to accept the bonding with the sealant.
  3. Apply the sealant
  4. Blue light makes the sealant harden.

Your dentist may also apply some fluoride varnish to help protect the teeth. It’s a relatively straightforward, non-invasive procedure, which typically takes but a few minutes to perform. Done effectively, it should produce a sealant durable enough to last for years.

It is important for patients to maintain healthy oral hygiene habits and be sure to return to their dentist for routine check-ups. Sealants can wear and if decay begins to develop underneath, it’s vital that you detect it as early as possible. In summation, this should be an efficacious procedure that makes teeth cleaning easier, particularly for children.

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