What Are the Signs I Need a Periodontist?

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The Need for Tooth Extraction

When an accumulation of pus causes a bump on your gums, it creates a gum abscess. This is a sign that you have an active infection that can progress as far as requiring tooth removal. The majority of general dentists can perform a tooth extraction, but the process can be painful, destroy bone, and then require more surgical procedures to regenerate the affected bone. Furthermore, the removal can ignite trauma to nearby bone and tissue which can impair the ability to undergo a dental implant down the road. A competent periodontist has the expertise to protect the jawbone and tissue from too much trauma and maintain a solid foundation for dental implants. Plus, your chances of needing a bone graft are significantly minimized.

Reconstruction of Bone Loss

If ignored, a tooth or root infection can harm your jawbone since the bone will become thinner over time and change the curves of your face. Lacking sufficient jawbone to brace your facial muscles will age your appearance with a sunken-in, collapsed look. A periodontist can reconstruct and replace bone loss around your natural teeth or extract a tooth that is not able to be spared. Prompt treatment prevents additional bone and tooth loss. Having dental work done by a periodontist greatly increases the likelihood of your bones being able to support implants in the event you choose to get them at a later date.

Sculpting or Grafting of Tissue

Gums safeguard teeth from sensitivity, root decay, and bone loss. Gum recession occurs if the gum tissue erodes and your propensity of losing teeth increases if treatment is not sought. A periodontist can effectively reposition gum tissue over any exposed tooth roots by carefully implementing tissue sculpting or by performing a gum graft.

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