What to do if You Break or Crack a Tooth?

Cracked and broken teeth can happen to anyone. It may be unattractive and uncomfortable, but sometimes we fall, bite something hard, or have an accident that results in damaged teeth. Even though our teeth are one of the hardest parts of our body, this can still happen, but it’s OK. Here is what to do if you break or crack a tooth. dental sealants staten island

The first step towards treating a cracked or broken tooth is understanding your condition. Teeth have three layers: the enamel, the dentin, and the pulp. The enamel is the hardest outer layer and the dentin is the part beneath the enamel. The dentin contains microscopic tubes, which, when exposed, are more sensitive to hot and cold. The third layer is the pulp, which is the softest and innermost part of a tooth. This is where the blood vessels and nerves go through.

In addition to teeth having different layers, teeth can also have different types of cracks. The key to treating your cracked tooth is understanding which type of crack you have.

The first type of crack is a fractured cusp. This type of crack can be found around your tooth filling. It commonly occurs when a filling is too large. In order for it to be treated, you likely will need endodontic therapy and a crown replacement.

The second type of crack is a crack that extends beyond the gums. If your tooth cracks in this way, you will need your tooth to be extracted as soon as possible.

A split tooth is the next type of crack and it involves a crack that extends from the surface to below the gum line. A dentist may be able to save half of your tooth if you have this type of crack.

The final type of cracked tooth is a vertical root fracture. This type of crack begins below the gum line and reaches all the way to the top. In this case, the tooth can be extracted.

Sometimes a cracked tooth is obvious, but this isn’t always the case. If you are experiencing increased sensitivity, pain while biting food, or swelling of your gums, you may actually have a broken tooth.

Whether you have a noticeable cracked tooth or you think you may have one based on the previously mentioned symptoms, book your appointment with Dr. Marshall S. Skopp today. At Dr. Skopp’s office we can treat your cracked tooth quickly and carefully. We can perform the necessary procedures based on your unique crack to help you maintain your oral health and striking smile. To schedule your appointment, call 718-982-5230 today.

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