When Should I Be Brushing My Teeth?

Along with visiting your dentist for regularly scheduled checkups, the standard for brushing teeth is twice per day in order to support dental health. However, there is more to maintaining teeth than the number of times we brush. The key to optimum effectiveness is when we brush our teeth. Dr. Skopp provides information below that addresses this key matter.
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Plaque-causing bacteria grow in leaps and bounds while we are sleeping. Since there is an abundant accumulation of this unfavorable bacteria upon waking up, brushing your teeth immediately is extremely advantageous as it removes harmful plaque caused by the bacteria. Plus, by using a fluoride toothpaste prior to consuming the first meal of your day, you are cleansing your mouth and getting rid of all the bacteria that multiplied while you were asleep. This process assists in decreasing the quantity of particles that can get transformed into acid from the foods you eat and drink. 

People often believe that it is better to brush their teeth soon after finishing a meal instead of waiting until a later time. In fact, it is recommended that you wait for a minimum of 30 minutes after eating before you brush your teeth. The reasoning behind this is that brushing right after eating can remove the important minerals that are found in saliva. Believe it or not, saliva is a major helper in keeping our teeth protected because it is an automatic barrier that blocks damaging particles and helps with expelling them from the mouth. Saliva, as well as the minerals in the teeth, also helps to replace both calcium and phosphate to the teeth after we consume food and beverages. Two proven ways to increase the flow of saliva in your mouth are to drink water and chew sugarless gum.

In order to further boost an ideal brushing routine, be certain that you brush your teeth before going to sleep so that any extended subjection to acid is restricted. By brushing your teeth twice per day in conjunction with brushing at the appropriate times, you will be doing your part in evicting the harmful bacteria and particles that consistently try to make a permanent home inside your mouth.

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