Why Are Dental Cleanings Important?

Visiting your dentist for regular cleanings may seem like something you can hold off on if you’re taking care of your teeth at home. Dental cleanings are a major factor in keeping your smile as healthy and beautiful as it can be. Professional cleanings will help improve and maintain your oral hygiene. Here are a few other reasons why it’s so important to make dental cleanings a priority again. 
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Health Benefits

You may be surprised to learn that dental cleanings can also benefit more than just your oral health. There has been a strong connection between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. Going for teeth cleanings at least twice a year can help prevent gum disease from occurring. If you can avoid gum issues you can also potentially reduce your risk of a heart attack and stroke. 

Preventing Tooth Damage

Plaque is a film that builds up on your teeth that can lead to tooth damage if not taken care of properly. Cavities can also occur since the acidity of the plaque will eventually eat away at your tooth enamel. Professional dental cleanings can take care of the plaque that you might be missing during regular brushing and flossing. These cleanings can save your teeth from further damage or even prevent tooth loss.

Restore Your Shine

Everyone wants a beautiful pearly white smile. Food and beverages that we love to enjoy daily can get in the way of achieving this. Tobacco, coffee, tea, and wine are just a few factors that contribute to tooth stains. Regular cleanings will help remove pesky built-up stains and leave your teeth with a polished brand new look. Besides restoring your shine, cleanings can also take care of persistent bad breath. Keep up with the results of your cleaning in a healthy odor-free mouth. 

Save Money 

Making sure to schedule your dental cleanings can actually save you money in the long run. Many types of dental insurance will have little or no copayment for cleanings and oral exams. Make sure you’re getting the most from your insurance by taking advantage of these routine appointments. Since cleanings prevent further damage, you’ll be saving yourself from the hassle of costly dental procedures that can arise. 


Simple dental cleanings can give you the best oral health possible. Keep your smile beautiful by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Marshall S Skopp, DMD. Our office is located at 2040 Forest Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10303. Contact our expert team today to get started! 718-982-5230 

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