Your Teeth & Milk

You may be familiar with the adage proclaiming that milk does a body good. Many of us might wonder if it has a significant effect on our teeth as well. Dr. Skopp explains the relationship between your teeth and milk.
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There are a number of advantages that milk provides to the teeth. An excellent source of crucial vitamins and minerals, and the most widely available type of calcium, ingesting milk is particularly beneficial in young children. Calcium is stellar for supporting the growth and development of healthy bones and teeth. It continues to be an essential mineral for the body, including the heart and nerves, throughout our lifespans. Doctors often recommend increasing the consumption of milk to boost calcium intake in aging adults to help combat bone density deficiencies.

Milk also supplies phosphorus. Calcium requires phosphorus to assist with growth and sustain strong, healthy teeth and bones. Casein proteins found in milk shield the teeth with a protective layer that serves to decrease tooth decay from occurring. Milk has the ability to neutralize acids that can otherwise cause harm to the teeth’s enamel. It can remineralize teeth and repair damage due to its potent combination of calcium and phosphorus. Milk encourages saliva production and helps control bacteria that reside in the mouth. Furthermore, certain proteins in milk safeguard tooth enamel from detrimental acids and deterioration.

Since milk contains sugar, it has the potential to cause cavities and tooth decay. The act of brushing your teeth just before going to sleep can remove those sugars so that they do not remain on your tooth enamel for a long period. It is important not to brush your teeth immediately after eating because teeth are in a very fragile state at this time. To avoid creating problems with your enamel, wait approximately 30 minutes after meals before you brush. This is even more vital if you have ingested acidic foods or beverages. By refraining from brushing your teeth too soon, your saliva can start to destroy acids and sugars so that they can’t wreak havoc on your teeth.

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